Below are just some of the comments left by those that completed a Dot2Dot City Tour!


"Great spots to visit.  It's great for a history buff!"
-Mike, Chicago, IL


"I had a lot of fun getting to see some places in my hometown that I had never visited before."
-Brenda, Cincinnati, OH


"As a military family, we move around a lot.  It is sometimes hard to get acclimated to our new city, but this was a fantastic way to get a quick crash course.  I highly recommend this to any families moving to new areas."
-Lydia, Washington D.C.


"I love that each course is wheelchair and stroller accessible.  We have small children so this was a great activity for us to get a chance to check out a city with our kids."
-Daniel, Manchester, UK


"The clues are a great mixture of history, logic, and searching.  They aren't so difficult that I spend too much time trying to figure them out, but they are just challenging enough that I have to think or search for the answer."
-David, Minneapolis, MN