We are so excited you have decided to explore new cities with us!

The Dot2Dot team has worked hard to put together fun tours that give you an alternate way to travel, without all of the planning and preparation.  The routes are chosen with careful consideration:

  • Explore as a team or as an individual
  • You will see many of the highlights and some little-known city treasures
  • The tours are designed so that you walk past much of what the city has to offer, and also provide additional recommendations of other locations that may not be along the route path
  • The clues and questions are designed to keep you engaged, but not to weigh down your experience with overly complicated answers
  • All tours are intended to be stroller and wheelchair accessible.  If a route has unavoidable stairs, alternate paths or disclaimers, it will be noted
  • All locations used in the tours are FREE of charge.  Optional breaks to pause and patron nearby attractions are encouraged, but not required for tour or clue completion
  • All locations and clues are selected in the hope that they will not be renamed, removed, or relocated.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that these locations will not be affected in the future.  We enlist your help to report any course discrepancies using the "Report a Problem" button on any affected pages and we will work to remedy the situation immediately.

How the Tour is Organized

Detailed planning has gone in to each city tour to make it the most efficient way for you to see as much as possible.  We recognize that everyone has different time constraints and may want more or less time depending on your personal situation.  Each tour is roughly 2-3 hours, but each city page will provide more specifics for your planning purposes.  Here are a few other ways in which we seek to make your Dot2Dot City Tour the most efficient and fun way to discover a new city:

  • In most cases, you will begin and end your tour in approximately the same location.  This will help with parking, public transportation needs, and general familiarity with the area.
  • Tours will all be on foot, with rest breaks to give you time to relax along the way.
  • Multiple users will be able to access the clues simultaneously to allow for a group experience.
  • Our goal is for you to gain a good sense of the city while seeing the highlights it's known for and also to see other spots that may not be as well-known.  After your tour, you will feel like you've been able to see the travel-book recommended sites without doing all of the planning yourself.

Head over to the How it Works page to learn more about how to register and ways to earn points to go toward future tours and apparel!