Before you even begin planning your upcoming trip, you must be asking yourself, "What is there to do in Chicago?"

Do you have a weekend in Chicago?  Maybe only 36 hours or a couple of days to see Chicago.  Even if you have a week in Chicago, Dot2Dot City Tours helps to break down your visit into manageable chunks and that can be challenging to figure out.

Perhaps you are looking to staycation in Chicago to learn a bit more about your hometown.  Some of us have lived in the same city for years and have not seen all of its potential.  What a fun activity to discover your hometown.

Are you going away on business at a corporate event in Chicago and want to see more of your destination city?  As an employer, are you looking for team-building activities in Chicago for your employees to work together in a competitive and fun way for them to make the most of their time in Chicago?  Teams can be in any size and they can race against one another to see the sights of Chicago, but having fun and working together at the same time.

Maybe you need to plan a school trip to Chicago.  This is a great way for kids to get excited, have a fun activity, learn a little, and it takes the pressure off teachers and administrators to plan a trip to Chicago for students.

Looking for things to do in Chicago?  There are so many tour options out there.  You can do a walking tour of Chicago, join a guided tour of Chicago, or even lead your own independent tour of Chicago.  These are all great ideas to consider when planning a trip to Chicago.  But why do all the work when we can do it for you?  Dot2Dot City Tours has created a fun, interactive tour much like a scavenger hunt in Chicago for you to explore, see, learn, and enjoy.

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