New York City truly is the city that doesn't sleep.  There are so many sites and attractions worth seeing it can feel overwhelming.  Each neighborhood has its own identity and unique feel. They say you could eat in a different restaurant each day and it would take over a hundred years to get through them all.  To do New Your City justice, one would need at least a week.  You may not have that much time, so try to focus your efforts on certain neighborhoods to gain an appreciation of the various areas within the city.

Since New York is constantly changing, and Dot2Dot seeks clues/routes that won't vary, we focused out tour in downtown Manhattan.  This is a part of the city that offers stunning beauty, incredible history, known tourist sites, and visions of the new construction that is always happening.  Central Park and Midtown are wonderful areas as well and we hope you have time to experience those as well in this one-of-a-kind city.

Enjoy amazing, New York City!

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