How Does It Work?

Search through the various tours offered and peruse the city and tour pages to learn more about what you might see along your route.  Once you've selected a destination, you will be instructed to register as an individual or team.  When you're ready to begin, input your Email Address and Password (after payment), log in, and discover the starting point of your course.  Multiple team members can access the course on multiple devices.  With a charged smart phone, simply follow the course directions leading you from clue to clue.  All clue responses must be spelled or entered correctly but answers are not case sensitive.  Use your local surroundings, local knowledge, smart phones, travel guides, etc. to help you find your next clue.  There is a point system:

  • Each correct response will add points to your overall tally (point values may vary based on the question)
  • Incorrect responses will deduct points
  • Hints may be used, but will also count against the point total
  • Each tour has optional bonus questions, if answered correctly, will add additional points
  • Your tour will be timed and points provided based on a tiered timed finish
  • If you'd like to briefly stop or have a rest break, you can pause your tour between clues to avoid the time going against your overall score
  • The most important things are to stay hydrated, stay safe, and have fun!

Your Dot2Dot City Tour can be accessed through the website or also through our app downloaded in the app store (coming soon).
To learn more about how the tours are structured, head over to the About the Courses page for more information.

If you are looking to sign up for the first time and want a quick demo please feel free to view our how to sign up video demo.

If you need help setting up a team feel free to view our team features video demo.

Watch our demo videos for additional help!

How to Set up a Team and Team Features