Welcome to your Learning and Governing Washington D.C. Dot2Dot City Tour!  The nation’s capital is quite large and jam-packed with so many must-sees; it simply cannot all be done in one day or on one tour.  To make a more manageable experience, we have created this tour to focus on the eastern half of the National Mall and surrounding areas with an emphasis on the various museums and government buildings along the way.  You will not be expected to enter any of these buildings, but you are certainly encouraged to pause between questions to visit and explore as you wish.  
Along your Dot2Dot City Tour you will see the Capitol Building, numerous government buildings, the National Mall, outdoor sculptures, the botanic Gardens, and some museums.  The tour should take roughly 2 hours and you will cover about 3 miles.
We hope you enjoying the majestic city of Washington D.C.!  Have fun and happy exploring!

Tour Highlights:

  • Capitol Building
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Museums
  • Government Buildings
  • Ford Theater

Essential Info:

  • Average Time of Completion:  2-3 Hours
  • Wheelchair and Stroller Accessible: YES
  • Additional Costs: NO
  • Starting Location: Statue/Pond at the base of the Capitol Building
  • Tour Cost: $29.98

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